Real Deals (Scam Deals)

Have you been scammed by Real Deals Property Dealer in Phase 6 DHA Lahore? Contact us now! Send email to :

Real Deals Property Dealer in Lahore

Have you been scammed by Real Deals Phase 6 Lahore? If yes, then contact us via this email . The purpose of this website is to gather people who have been scammed by people running Real Deals Phase 6, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan. Leave a comment in the comment section with your name, phone and your story. Or you can send an email to

If there are enough people we can fight for our rights and get our money back from this no good establishment that is doing business using illegal tactics and robbing people of their hard earned money.

For those who landed on this website searching about Real Deals Phase 6 DHA Lahore please do not do business with them. They will lie to you about price and availability of properties. They will use bait and switch tactic to attract you and then later make up excuses why the price is not the same as the ad and why the property is not available.

Real Deals will start their lies in their ads on . They will tell you that they will setup a meeting with the owner of the property but again that is lie concocted to get you to their office where their only goal is to get your money and not bother about your rights. They are not on your side. They will make promises but will not keep them.

Most aspects of their business are shady. E.g. They will not present and terms and conditions before the deal. Later if something goes wrong they will make rules out of no where to keep your money.

To verify what shady business we are talking about here are the details

Phone numbers they use: +92-300-4044667 | +92-333-4044667

Address: 78-MB, Shabbir Sharif Boulevard, Phase-6, DHA
Lahore, Pakistan 54810 On the left of Alfatah Store


Their profile on

Map Location

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